Vertical Studio (Escola da Cidade) students do project on Santos Dumont Complex

This year, after Anat Litwin conducted a class during the International Seminar at the Escola da Cidade, the collaboration with Escola continued through a Vertical Studio student group. The Vertical Studio is a collective project studio at the Escola da Cidade, with broad-ranging themes, marked by current urban matters. During the first semester of 2019, the group consisting of the students Artur Correa, João Pedro Catalano, Letícia Porto and Maria Clara Van Deursen, after having participated in Anat Litwin’s class, decided to focus their research and work on the Santos Dumont Complex. The group focused on pedagogical activities with the children of the complex. The work culminated on a final event, with an intervention developed around drawing activities, aiming at having the children identify themselves and understand their participation in the construction of the city.

Photo credit: Maria Clara Van Deursen