Anat Litwin participates in Escola da Cidade’s International Seminar

On February of 2019, researcher and artist Anat Litwin, founder of the HomeBase Project, was invited, through a partnership between and Escola da Cidade, to participate in Escola’s Annual International Seminar. She led a week-long seminar with the students of Escola, assisted by Marcio Kogan, a team of professor assistants (Julia Park and Thiago Benutti), and by the help of Paula Van Erven and Pablo Morais, who is an Architecture and Urbanism student at the Ouro Preto Federal University and who took part in the Seminar. The seminar counted with the help of the team, and explored various sites in the city and the potential of creatively inhabiting them. The Seminar was devoted to the theme of Artistic Hosting in the City, between public and private spheres, the subject of Litwin’s Phd research at the Technion, in the department of Urban Planning, and part of a life-long creative exploration she is pursuing and an ongoing exploratory dialogue taking place with Todd Lester. The seminar included a trilogy of creative assignments, from the macro of the city, experienced through sites which serve as thresholds, to the micro tier of the neighborhood, with a focus on private homes and narratives of inhabitants in the site of Rua Paim’s Santos Dumont Complex, where students conducted interviews, to an intimate tier of the domestic setting taking place in the private homes of the students for a one-night art residency / home exchange. During the seminar, Anat’s class thought about matters of domesticity and the way in which space is inhabited, as well as a critical-creative decoding of the city and a new embodied right to the city, through an interpersonal sensual presence. At the end of the week, the students produced a final visual installation that was exposed at the Seminar’s closing event at Escola.