2016.5 – on ATAQUE! is an artist-led progressive cultural platform focused on how people live and work in, share and survive the contemporary city with the Center of São Paulo as our outlook. It gets its name from the ubiquitous lunch counters—convivial, fluorescent-lit, open-walled, laborious, points of commerce—that populate almost every street corner. 

In my last blog, I wrote about Queer City, and it’s final series of events culminating in late October 2016.  In the coming week, the EXPLODE! residency ends; we host our final monthly dinner, Janta (Queer Food / Queer Politics); we have our largest public event called ATAQUE! (Sept. 10); and resident Jean-Francois Prost will make his project ‘Acronymia’ within Co-Cidade (Sept. 17), after which we will spend a couple months putting a book together with Publication Studio São Paulo (PSSP) called ‘The Queer City Reader’ to launch at Feira Plana in March 2017.

As a prelude to our final Janta (Sept. 8) hosted at Casarao do Belvedere by Paulo Goya, Thiago Carrapatoso will lead an all-day series of walks and talks, a fluid dialogue to span city, nation, language, race and notions of north and south, including Kholoud EAM (Cairo), Eduardo Carrera (of NoLugar space in Quito), Ajamu (London), Pato Hebert (NYC) and others, entitled (Re)sent(i)ment. All of this is going down in relationalbeit looselywith the opening of the 32nd São Paulo Biennale, Incerteza Viva.  We congratulate Carlos Motta on being selected for the Biennial; he helped us to launch the Queer City project back in November 2015 … and it will be nice to see him back in SP!

ATAQUE! (as a title) feels aggressive, but no less so than the streets of São Paulo tonight after the Senate’s impeachment vote of 61 to 20 to oust President Dilma.  One of her replacement, Temer’s first moves was an attempt to collapse the Ministry of Culture into the Ministry of Education… which did not work in the end.  Members of have recently written on education and its relation to culture (or vice versa).  See Thiago de Paulo Souza’s African Cultural Heritage in Brazil and Gian Spina on Ribeiro’s New Social Sculpture.

We named our closing event ATAQUE! for a different, but related, reason however. Queer City is site-specific, a collective curatorial inquiry to open a space of action and dialogue around queerness and life in the contemporary city with São Paulo as its outlook. Throughout the Queer City project, we have considered the ideaor rather questioned the notionof a ‘right to the city’ originally coined by French philosopher Henri Lefebvre … one that demands “a transformed and renewed access to urban life” in his own words.

ATAQUE! is September 10th.  #contraogolpe

Source: Residency Unlimited

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