(English) @ the 10th Bamako Encounters, African Biennale of Photography: Telling Time

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The 10th Bamako Encounters, African Biennale of Photography, Telling Time, invites a participatory art project by (including Todd Lanier Lester, Thiago Correia Gonçalves, and Jaime Lauriano) that uses food and photography/film to question the intertwined cultural histories of Brazil and West Africa [from e-flux]. is an artist-led, urban platform focused on how people live, work and share in the contemporary city with the Center of São Paulo as its outlook. It takes its name from the ubiquitous lunch counters that populate every street corner. It is important to note that the Center of São Paulo is host to a variety of West African enclaves.

Bamako Encounters provides an opportunity to share what we’re ‘cooking’ in São Paulo while evoking two lesser-known histories from Brazil’s Northeast for which the performance (preparation and tasting) of Maniçoba—a bitter leaf enjoyed in both Brazil’s Northeast and across West Africa—serves as a ballast.

The work is a collaboration between Jaime Lauriano, Thiago Correia Gonçalves, and Todd Lanier Lester for; and uses video, archival material, photography, and lunch to illustrate and conjoin the trajectories of The Maniçobeiros of Serra da Capivara and the Revolt of Malês.

As a part of the overall process, Musagetes supports the juried prize of a two-month residency for an artist from the Biennial with in São Paulo. The residency prize (to be jointly planned for 2016) will be awarded to a female artist whose work broadens and/or challenges perspectives on contemporary African migrations.

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